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about us

Meat Mercantile (aka “MeatMerc”) is an online marketplace that promotes ranchers’ homegrown products and encourages consumers to savor these direct offerings.  Our interactive website invites visitors to make specific choices and view selected listings, providing a memorable experience that is efficient and enjoyable ... selecting the meat you eat is very important.


Our mission is to connect carnivorous cravings to real-life ranching; we think of it as “Meet & Eat”.


Our business practices:

  • We are independent and do not endorse any of the listings

  • We do not receive any percentage of sales from the listings

  • We are not liable for any claims made by the listings

  • We are not liable for the external website content of the listings

  • We will treat others the way we would want to be treated


Our vision is to become the most respected direct-source meat marketing website on the planet.


Meat Mercantile is proudly built in Montana and we understand that there is nothing like knowing exactly where your meat comes from!


Please send any questions or suggestions you may have to:

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