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Please submit your information for the online marketplace below.

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Physical Address is used for the listing's Google Map location.  If blank, a generic City/State listing location will be used.


Please submit the following for Meat Mercantile contact purposes only.

Please read the terms and conditions below.

By submitting this form, I certify that (1) I understand the listing requirements, (2) my business fully meets those requirements, (3) I understand the business practices, (4) the information that I have provided is accurate, (5) I give Meat Mercantile permission to include my business logo or a website/social media photo with my listing, and (6) I am duly authorized to execute this registration on behalf of this business.  

•    I understand that my listing will be published in the marketplace as soon as possible
•    I understand that all updates and/or removal requests for a listing must be emailed to Meat Mercantile from the email address that I provided or from an email address with your domain
•    I understand that Meat Mercantile reserves the right to limit and/or terminate listings at its discretion
•    I understand that Meat Mercantile reserves the right to change listing requirements at its discretion
•    I understand Meat Mercantile reserves the right to modify the registration terms at any time


Please complete all of the required information

Thank you for partnering with us!

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